Where to Recycle Heartstart, Lifepak or Powerheart Battery

When you use your AED battery  or it passes its recommended shelf life, it needs to be replaced with a new or recelled AED battery.  But then what do you do with that old leftover battery? 

AED batteries disposed in landfills are taking up unnecessary space and endangering the environment.

Here are some fast facts

  • The plastic from disposed AED batteries in the United States each year is approximately equivalent to 2.3 million water bottles.
  • The amount of hazardous waste is nearly 200 tons.

With AEDs designed to save a life, why kill the planet in the process?

AEDLand has a solution: the AED Battery Recycling Program

We strive to be environmentally conscious and responsible in our business. 

We will recycle the following batteries for you at no charge, whether you bought the battery from us or not.

We recycle the following batteries FREE:

Heartstart Battery M5070A For Philips heartStart home defibrillator , FRX, Onsite, HS1 AED. M5070A for battery for M5066A, Battery for 861304 AED
Philips FR2 M3863A AED Defibrillator Battery
Powerheart aed G3 battery 9146-302 Replacement Re-celled
Lifepak 500

How do I recycle my AED battery?

Ship your used batteries according to state and federal regulations to:

3961 Addison Ave.
Riceville, IA 50466

Please note that while we recycle the battery for free, we do not cover the cost of shipping the battery to us.

Need replacement AED Supplies?

If you need a replacement AED Battery, AED Pad or a new AED Machine, remember we offer the following on all orders

  • Guaranteed Lowest Prices
  • Free Shipping on all orders
  • Low Price Match Guarantee

Thanks for saving a live and the planet at the same time!